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Products of nasal irrigation

The Sinusalt® range of products allows high-volume and low pressure nasal irrigation to cleanse the nasal passages and sinuses.

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Sinusalt® Device - Nasal Irrigation

Device 250 mL + 26 sachets

Sinusalt® Device allows you to perform nasal washes easily and comfortably. It is a nasal irrigator specially designed to carry out high-volume nasal cleansing, allowing the elimination of excess of mucus, secretions, contaminating particles, allergens and pathogens deposited in the nasal mucosa. 

Its flexible device allows you to prepare the saline solution inside, the liquid solution will be pumped into the nasal passages and sinuses by pressing on it. The pressure can be adjusted manually.

The saline solution obtained has a concentration of salts similar to that in the nasal mucosa (isotonic) and is buffered to neutralise changes in the pH of the water used. It contains no added preservatives that could damage the sensitive nasal mucosa. Its slightly alkaline pH favours the fluidification of mucus, facilitating its expulsion.